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Module 1: Cohort Leader Orientation

Every adaptive and strategic organization knows the importance of preparing a site and their staff or stakeholders for organizational changes prior to engaging in any of those changes.  In this module, we provide cohort leaders (principals, assistant principals, and designees or critical staff) with an overview of the five-module scope and sequence of training as preparation for developing their team and preparing them for their role on the team.  Systems change and implementation science knowledge is explored and participants learn that the first year of cohort work will consist of “installing” (or otherwise verifying) key infrastructures and supports in the school to directly support teachers and students prior to engaging in systems change for implementing data-based decision-making (DBDM) practices.  Such structures and supports include (but are not limited to) mapping instruction and intervention resources, ensuring materials and personnel supports for data access and use, coordinating non-instructional staff roles, responsibilities, and/or schedules to align with teacher and student needs, etc.


  • Learn to communicate accurately what MTSS is and align it with school improvement goals
  • Prepare to lead organizational change for commitment (e.g., “SLT development).
  • Learn PS (Overview of PS process)

Time Required:
1.25 hours