Module 1: Leaders as Change Agents
& Problem Solvers

In this module, Cohort leaders are provided with a full day of training to prepare for their role as team facilitators.  The team facilitator of any team is a critical role.  Before focusing on preparing to implement changes in data use practices at the school, site leaders need dedicated time to consider how this change effort will occur while the business of every-day schooling continues.  Site leaders are supported with discussion, conversation, and guidance from central office leaders on how the planning ideas that come out of this work can be used to inform their School Improvement efforts.  School leaders are guided in this module to continue to treat School Improvement planning and related (or required) activities as its own key structure for supporting school changes.  In this module, team facilitators are given guidance on how to further prepare team members participation in the next remaining modules, and how to provide clarity of team purpose to learn the problem solving process fluently enough to train PLCs and similar student-focused planning teams to engage in the same approach.


Part 1:
  • Deepen our understanding of MTSS
    • Success Criteria: Define MTSS and explain WHY we need it

  • Reframe our thinking to strengthen how we proactively serve students

    • Success Criteria: Identify the shift in thinking MTSS requires in order to ensure evidence-based practices have their intended impact on student outcomes

  • Align current practices within the MTSS Framework & Components

    • Success Criteria: Match current practices with MTSS Domains

Part 2:

  • Deepen our understanding of infrastructures needed for healthy and sustainable change
  • Explore a diagnostic tool to self assess MTSS readiness, identify growth opportunities and monitor implementation
  • Success Criteria: Explain the MTSS Components and their interconnectedness with data-based problem solving and a multi-tiered system of support
  • Acknowledge barriers to implementation and brainstorm opportunities to overcome them
  • Success Criteria: Gather ideas for how to address common leadership barriers

Part 3

  • Understand complex change and inventory existing site infrastructures that might be positioned to support sustainable change.
  • Deepen our knowledge of the essential mindsets, functions and roles on an MTSS Site Leadership Team.
  • Create a plan for building/adapting your MTSS Site Leadership Team – Who, When, How
  • Gather resources and leave ready to successfully facilitate your first MTSS-Focused Site Leadership Team meeting.